I don't know why modern

I don't know why modern people always like to have such a lucrative Spring Festival in the city: buy new clothes, watch the Spring Festival Evening... every year is the same routine. I like the smell of the country in the country, where I can smell the fresh air, bathe in the warm sunshine Newport Cigarettes, and there are a lot of brothers and sisters who are often hard to meet, chatting and greeting the New Year. After getting the sugar, I was awake after being bursting with firecrackers. I hurriedly washed and finished wearing it, carrying a small bag and inviting friends to go to the first stop of the New Year is my neighbor. We are intimate and have something to do with each other. I will take the initiative to help, I will regard his family as my home, always like to go to risotto, teasing the dog or something. I hurried forward, and the uncle was on the way. I was in a good position. The uncle is a boss Marlboro Lights. Of course, I hope that my business will flourish. I said aloud: "I wish you a happy New Year, business is booming, and your money is rolling!" When I said this, I paused a little. The uncle also likes to play cards. "I wish the uncle win every game!" Haha, I am really smart. feel proud! The uncle listened to the music, and gave the red envelope, but also grabbed a lot of sugar. My two little hands are full, my heart is beautiful, and my mouth still has something to say: "Heck! Hey!" Look at my little friend, under my brilliance, I suddenly become awkward. I lost my color and looked at my second stop, of course, to my grandfather��s house. I walked into the yard, why? How quiet, not at home? I shouted, oh! It was originally eating breakfast! It��s really tempting to be old, and I haven��t seen it for a year. Grandma and Grandma��s heads have a lot more white hair and their eyes have become ��old��. What blessing should I send? "I wish grandfather, grandmother Furu Donghai, Shoubi Nanshan!" "Baby is good, baby is good!" The two old music is not close to the mouth, the golden gold coins are full of my hands. It must be brought back by the son of their son who worked in the field! Hey! What the elderly need is the love of their children! My heart has become a little sinking. This is the last one. Which one is this? Such a beautiful house! I know that! Do you want to go there? If you don't go in anyway, it's just a little candy. What can you call in? Not going to swear? Forget it, swollen face and fat, the boat to the bridge head naturally straight! I carefully organized the language in my heart and went in Cigarettes Online. Hey, this is a family of four generations. Not only the old grandmother with white hair and no teeth, but also the little baby in her hand, I said aloud: "I wish you all good health, good luck, and peace. Happy!" This is my blessing to everyone! Dear people, come to the country! Feel the nature, feel the strong taste of the year, take a look at the elderly parents, feel the warmth of the family for a year, it is time to go to the New Year, I especially like to go to my grandfather's house, go home to celebrate the New Year, others do not want to Go Online Cigarettes, not why, because I am familiar with them, other relatives know each other, they are unfamiliar, and they are not familiar with each other. My grandfather did not go to work. My parents went there. My sister and I went to two families and felt no choice. On the day, I went to two baboons without a home, one in Longtang and one in Zhenyuan. So, we went to the supermarket, waited for them to come back, and walked for an hour at Hualian Supermarket. I talked on the phone and just hang up the phone. Daxie also called and said it was too clever. We decided Go to the house first, then go to the big house, because the big sister and the big aunt cook delicious. On the door, put the prepared New Year's gift on the table, then play, play, play, or play. Of course, I am not going to be hospitality, and all the delicious food is taken out. I have been focusing on TV because it is too boring. In addition to playing, eating, playing, eating or playing, eating. He cooked the rice without knowing it. He couldn't do it. He could only eat it at his house. It wasn't that I hated the meal he made. He didn't do it. It didn't matter, I was heavy. The boiled hot pot is not awkward. After dinner, my sister chatted with him for a while. Seeing that the sky is getting dark, we got up and went to the big house. My big family is not far from the home. We walked to the big house, and his family had to climb the 6th floor. I never went to his house and never used a few floors. Just look at the floor tiles of his home opposite, the floor tiles of that house are special, and my memory is particularly deep. So never go wrong. Hey, how, I am smart to enter the door, to be polite, to call people first Cigarettes For Sale, and then let it go. I have a girl in my big family. I have long expected us to go. The big sister is also, the delicious and delicious ones are all taken out, and we are still not eating. We said that we don��t need it. We have already eaten at the full house. My sister went to play computer with Chen Yuzhu. I was watching TV outside. In fact, it was very boring to go to that house, only watching TV was fun. After a while, my ass hurts. I went in and went to play with them. I was almost 12 o'clock. My sister played with a mobile phone. I played comp
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