Locking Can Machine manufacturers

Automatic Locking Can Body Maker For Small Size:
Applicable Rangeround can:diameter 42-170mm
square can:70x70-140x140mm
Max product height254mm
Material thickness0.18-0.32mm
Production capacity25-45cans/min
Power380V, 3.7KW

1). This machine with functions: notching, pre-curling, shape forming and lock seaming;
2). The flexible design allows our customers to switch from one type of material to another or change; from one diameter to another simply by changing the relevant tooling selection;
3). Notching tool is made of the material after discharge process which makes it a long life span; 4). With stable tin feeding system, it is easy to change different sizes; 5). Feeder and pre-curling part are with automatic lubricating, so you just need to lubricate the touch screen once or twice per day.Locking Can Machine manufacturers
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