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Leal Cosmetics Cream In medicine, this effect has been used in cardiac surgical operation (defibrillation and pacemakers), in the treatment of diseases of the frightened device, and healing after strokes and accidents. Under the affect of a special apparatus, a pressured contraction of muscle fibers takes place, as a result of which: blood deliver to the gotten smaller muscle increases, oxygen waft will increase; fat cells ruin down; the functioning of the lymphatic device improves, as a result of which decay merchandise are higher excreted from the frame; contracting muscular tissues prevent skin sagging, wrinkling, and make the silhouette of the frame and facial contours more awesome. Miostimulyatsiya complicated impact on the frame, improves its tone, smoothes pores and skin folds and tiny wrinkles, allows to get rid of greater centimeters. The blessings of myostimulation, in addition to modeling the silhouette, consist of an development in contractility and muscle tone, as well as the opportunity of the usage of it in the treatment of osteochondrosis and posture issues. Due to active muscle contractions with subsequent relaxation, the discharge of endorphins - “hormones of pleasure”, improves the temper and well-being of the man or woman. What do pressotherapy? The technique of pressure therapy is an revolutionary technique that permits for a few classes to seriously tighten the frame and take away excess fats deposits. A special fit has a mild rub down impact on the human body, due to which pores and skin folds and bumps are smoothed, and those more pounds simply "soften earlier than your eyes." During the trendy salon method, a person is put on a unique healthy, footwear and inflatable segments, into which, with the help of a unique equipment, air is forced. As a result, the body is subjected to rhythmic compression and pauses.

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