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Mineral water equipment
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Product description:
Mineral water equipment is the pressure difference between two sides of membrane as a driving force, a kind of solution to mechanical screening principle based separation, the use of pressure is usually 0.2MPa--0.6MPa, separation of aperture 1nm--0.1 mu m, separation, concentration, widely applied in material purification. Ultrafiltration process no phase transformation, room temperature operation, separation of heat sensitive material is particularly suitable, and has the temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance performance is good, can be in below 60 DEG C, PH 2-11 under long-term continuous use.
Tubular ultrafiltration circulation condition is good, not easy to be blocked, easy cleaning, suitable for electrophoretic coating recovery, juice concentrate, silica sol production, oil-water separation in the application.
Roll type ultrafiltration device with:
The large membrane area;
Body structure of the device is compact;
Installation, simple maintenance;
It covers an area of less;
The advantages of the low energy consumption than other ultrafilter;
But relatively high requirements on tubular ultrafiltration pretreatment
The production process equipment for mineral water
The raw water tank, a booster pump, mechanical filter backwashing, activated carbon filter, 1 m fine filtration, ultrafiltration and ozone, water purification tankWater Treatment factory
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