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BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN Nicolas Otamendi Jersey , March 26 (Xinhua) -- The two-day ASEAN Mini Festival, themed "Festival of ASEAN Cultural Expressions," aimed to showcase the regional identity of ASEAN to the world, opened at the Airport Mall, Brunei on Wednesday.

In the opening remarks, minister of Culture Luke Bolton Jersey , Youth and Sports, Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Hazair, said "ASEAN countries shared many similarities and common roots in their traditional games. The common traditional games and other traditional games in ASEAN can easily foster transnational cultural understanding which can become an effective vehicle to regional political, economic and cultural integration thus the realization of the ASEAN Community by 2015. Traditional games can be seen as added value in terms of cultural comprehension and mutual tolerance both within the community of nations and between them."

About 40 participants from ASEAN including Brunei participated in the Mini festival which showcases the various traditional games of each ASEAN country. The Mini Festival will provide opportunities to experience the wealth of arts and culture found around the ASEAN region as well as in fostering regional development.

It also promotes effective cooperation in the fields of culture and information for the purpose of enhancing awareness of understanding of the people about the unique history of the ASEAN region by experiencing the cultural similarities and differences through traditional games between and amongst ASEAN member states.

The Mini Festival is the flagship project to highlight the Bali Declaration on ASEAN Unity in cultural Diversity: Towards Strengthening ASEAN community, which was endorsed in 2011.

Blowers and fans can be used for complete ventilation of your bilding including intermittent local ventilation for baths, kitchens Lukas Nmecha Jersey , dryer rooms; continuous whole building ventilation, and for exhausting hard-to-air spaces such as crawl spaces, attics, and basements. Blowers and fans can be used for complete ventilation of your bilding including intermittent local ventilation for baths, kitchens, dryer rooms; continuous whole building ventilation Leroy Sane Jersey , and for exhausting hard-to-air spaces such as crawl spaces, attics, and basements.

An exhaust fan is a mechanical ventilation device that helps to draw out stale and impure air from your home and bring in fresh air, thereby improving the quality of indoor air. Exhaust fans are typically ducted to the exteriors of your house, through which bad indoor air can effectively be removed from your living space.

Exhaust fans are very effective at any building ventilation. Without proper ventilation, the air inside your home can get filled with harmful contaminants and disease causing pathogens.

Fans are classified into various types Kyle Walker Jersey , mainly depending on the type of mount and the location where you need to install the fans. The different types are:

1. Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans: As the name suggests, ceiling exhaust fans are those which are installed in the ceiling. Such fans expel stale air from your home upwards through the roof. The fan is connected to ducting, which is exhausted outside the home via an external vent, like a roof cap or soffit exhaust vent.

2. Inline Exhaust Fans: Unlike ceiling exhaust fans that are installed directly into the ceiling, inline exhaust fans are typically mounted in-between ducting, hence the name inline fan. For instance Kevin De Bruyne Jersey , if you wanted to ventilate an area that did not have clearance or space for a ceiling mount fan, you would make use of inline exhaust fans to ventilate such areas. The exhaust fan would be placed in between the ductwork and the stale air would travel through the ducts and ultimately be expelled from your home. Since inline fans are not mounted directly to the ceiling, they are very quiet. When installing an inline fan, to reduce noise, we recommend using an insulated flex duct that is at least eight feet long from the intake port on the ceiling to the inline fan.
Inline exhaust fans are ideal for exhausting areas or rooms where you cannot, or do not wish to install the exhaust fan directly. Since these types of exhaust fans are mounted in remote areas John Stones Jersey , they are also referred to as remote mounted exhaust fans. Inline exhaust fans can either be single-port (exhausting from a single area) or multi-port (exhausting from multiple areas).

3. Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans: These exhaust fans are installed on walls. Since they are installed on exterior walls of the home and not on interior walls, the stale air has a direct route to the outside of your home and thus no duct work is required in installing these exhaust fans.

4. Combination Exhaust Fans: Exhaust fans are also available as combination units. You have the choice of a fan-light combination where the exhaust fan provides illumination as well, or heat-fan-light combination wherein you get a heater, light and ventilating fan all in a single device.

5. Exterior Remote Mounted Exhaust Fans: While most other exhaust fans are installed inside your home and push stale air out, exterior remote mounted fans are installed outside your home and pull out stale indoor air instead of pushing it out. The main benefit of these exhaust fans is that regardless of however noisy they are, most of the noise remains outside your home.

6. Kitchen Range Exhaust Fans: These fans are mounted inside the range hood over your kitchen stove. Such fans not only help to rid your kitchen of stale air but also help to expel bad odors and reduce moisture levels in your cooking area.

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