uter with Chen Yuzhu.

uter with Chen Yuzhu. She asked me what I wanted to see. I said that watching horror movies, she did not dare to look at it, in fact, I just wanted to scare her. But she just can't look at it. My traitor has not been embarrassed. Stayed at her house for one night, and prepared to go home on the second day. Later, for various reasons, she did not return. I will go to her house again. We saw the ghost film. At the beginning, she was not scared. I was scared first. At the beginning, she had seen it. I haven��t seen it, so we were afraid that the three of us had finished reading this one. It was only the middle horror. The ending was too sad. I saw that I wanted to cry. Where is the horror film? It is obviously Love movies, just a little scary. After reading it, I slept after washing. On the second day, I went home. The family is very busy today. They are coming to the New Year. They have to go home to help. On the second day of the year, they are the days of family visits and friends. This is not, Mom and Dad said: "Today, you and us go to Xinghua's grandparents to celebrate the New Year." I heard the news three feet high, because I can get warm hospitality and receive a red envelope with blessings Parliament Cigarettes. So we prepared the gift to leave. The car is flying on the road, and my mood is also very pleasant. After two hours, we arrived in Xinghua, the fields, the sky, and the clear water to decorate the Cuijia Village, and with the beauty, we took the gift of the big bag. When I arrived at my grandfather's family, my grandfather's family came out to warmly welcome us. Grandma set up tea on the table, Jingguo, cake, let us enjoy tea while enjoying. Later, I heard my mother say that this is a local custom. In the evening, I saw the smoke on the roof. It turned out that my aunt and grandmother were preparing dinner in the kitchen. After a while, the fragrance flew into the back room, ah! A table full of food has long been waiting for us. Everyone has dinner around the table. We talked and laughed at each other, blessing, talking about the past in 2014 and looking forward to the future of 2015 Newport Cigarettes. This delicious and unforgettable dinner ended in a laughter. After dinner, I arrived at my favorite time - say blessing, take a red envelope. I came to my grandfather and grandmother and said to them: "I wish the grandfather and grandmother's crops getting better and better, good health, and good luck!" They laughed and opened the flowers, and quickly gave the red envelope. Then, my grandmother said: "I wish you a blessing in the East China Sea, life is more than the South Mountain is not old, the more live the spirit!" The grandmother took out the long-awaited red envelope and handed it to me, I am very happy, it is full of harvest. what! Happy time passed really fast, dazzling, we spent two days and one night, we must return to Baoying, I still reluctantly, Xue Yingchun with plum blossoms and windy and tender Liu Shuya. The annual Spring Festival has arrived again. New Year��s greetings are a major event of the Spring Festival. As in previous years, Mom and Dad, my aunt and uncle took me and my brother to go to the grandfather��s house on the fourth day of the first month of the first month of the first month of the first month, and look out to the mountains in the distance. The white clouds on the mountain are like ribbons. Wandering, entwined in the mountains between the trees, under the mountain, is a chessboard-like vegetable field, green bamboo and fragrant trees cover the farmhouse, and the low-hanging willows are reflected in the pond on the side of the farmhouse. The world is like a dream, I My grandfather��s family lived in this dreamy country. I haven��t been to my grandfather��s house. I saw my grandfather��s house fluttering to the roof, as if we were welcome, we came to my grandfather��s house, my grandfather��s Come to us, just like today's spring breeze, took out some cigarettes and betel nuts and the snacks that he thought were the best, warmly treated us, and asked me about my brother's study and the lucky money I got this year. Tell my brother and uncle with my grandfather, although our results are not very good, but still an improvement compared to last year in recognition of our uncle grandfather said:. "As long as there is good progress, and encourage us to continue refueling! "At this moment Cigarettes Online, Grandpa put his hand in his pocket and took out two red envelopes. How many lucky money have we received? I am proud to tell my grandfather: "I took more than 2 mokingusacigarettes.com,000 yuan." "My grandfather said that my brother and I have not yet given him a New Year's greeting. I immediately said a congratulatory grandfather, happy new year, good luck, good health, and my brother said with a grandfather, "Gong Xi Fa Cai, red envelopes." Come! "My grandfather said: "The red envelope will come right away, and ask his brother how much his grandfather gave? The younger brother replied that his grandfather gave him 100 yuan. Grandpa joked and said: "I am rural, not as rich as your grandfather, I will give you 10 yuan." The younger brother really thought that only so much, I felt very lost, because the elders except his grandfather were For 100 yuan, Grandpa can only give 10 yuan. He is very lost and angry. He ran out. My grandfather watched him go out and chatted with my father and mother for a while. Then my brother came in, and it was right for me. Grandpa said that 10 yuan is also needed, and he took the red envelope from Grandpa��s grandfather. The younger brother opened the red envelope and saw it was 100 yuan. The feelings of those who felt lost were swept away. He was like a person who rose from hell to heaven. Jumped up as happy. My dad and my aunt looked at the funny expression of my brother. They laughed and laughed. It was not too late. After lunch, I immediately went to another grandfather's house to visit New Year Online Cigarettes. I think that the New Year is so good, you can reunite with your family, and our children can get lucky mone
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