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With the fast pace routine of ours Orange Anthony Miller Jersey , we often end up consuming unhealthy food, never keeping up with the calorie intake and all of this results in a lethargic outburst. Out of many options of what to eat, there are indeed a few when it comes to tracking down your healthy lifestyles we all so envy about. If one is obsessed about meat, the options are further narrowed down to Chicken breasts, Prawn salad and much more Orange James Daniels Jersey , but the problem related to these food items is their preservation. What if one ends up having the best of both worlds?

Ever heard of Biltong? This South African recipe of rock salt, pepper, coarsely ground coriander and vinegar is not just famous in South Africa, but also invading the markets of USA, UK Orange Roquan Smith Jersey , Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and many more. Came into existence with the need to preserve the hunted meat back in the time when today鈥檚 modern preservation techniques didn鈥檛 even exist. Around 400 years of its existence Biltong is now approached as an alternative to fast food such as Burgers, French fries Authentic Hroniss Grasu Jersey , and other unhealthy snacks. Often confused with Beef Jerky, Biltong is a step ahead towards the nutrition side. Not only it is much less sweet than jerky, specifically doused (not marinated) in vinegar, and rubbed with salt to eliminate the chewy texture often associated with other dried meat. It does not fall into the super food list but is a tasty snack that is non-fattening.

Speaking about health benefits from biltong, there are many Authentic Jonathan Bullard Jersey , and some of them are discussed below 鈥?br >

Filled with Protein

It鈥檚 a great source of natural protein and has 57.2g of protein for every 100g consumed. One can be spotted on the pink of hisher health as Beef Biltong serves best as a post workout snack being an excellent source of vital minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium and Vitamin B-12, all essential for the body to function.

Weight Loss

For all those keeping a track on their weight loss journey, Beef Biltong is a blessing in disguise. It鈥檚 Wheat and Gluten free and has only 3% fat in a 25g serving. Consuming Biltong will definitely lead towards a clean bill of health

A healthy protein intake during Pregnancy

With pregnancy comes massive cravings and we all are aware of how vital our food intake becomes when one is going through pregnancy. With many health advices and a humongous list of what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy one always ends up in a contradiction which can put you in a dilemma and prevent you from fulfilling your cravings or ensuring a healthy diet. Biltong comes as a healthy solution to this problem

Biltong contains low carbohydrate content Authentic Eddie Goldman Jersey , so the meat helps you improve and maintain brain concentration abilities during pregnancy. Chemical ingredients such as artificial flavors, preservatives, sodium nitrate, and other chemicals, prove hazardous to your health. However Authentic Kevin White Jersey , biltong contains no chemicals. Biltong contains sugar, salt, black pepper, vinegar, coriander Authentic Cody Whitehair Jersey , and meat that aren鈥檛 harmful during pregnancy.

Suffering from Iron Deficiency?

For people diagnosed with anemia doctors often recommend red meat, beans, egg yolk and many other good sources of iron. As a red meat product, biltong is naturally high in iron. The meat is dehydrated and usually, loses one-third to one-half of its water-weight during the drying process. This means that when compared by weight to raw meat Authentic Leonard Floyd Jersey , medium biltong has an 80-100% higher concentration of protein, fat, and nutrients. Biltong, therefore, has a high level of iron.

Biltong is a recipe which not only allows you to be healthy but also satisfy your cravings for eating delicious food. With healthy food habits Authentic Eddie Jackson Jersey , it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle which is made up of proper routine. Keeping the body healthy is the duty of a human being. One must treat this body as a gift of nature. So, in order to avoid a lethargic end to your daily routine, consider consuming Biltong and lead a healthy life full of vim and vigor.

If you are looking to enjoy the health benefits of Biltong, then Top Herd offers a number of different meat products such as beef jerky and Biltong.
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